A Few Exciting Updates

by jimbugg

Hey guys! I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up. Things have been pretty busy lately. I hope to write a longer post soon, but here are some cool things happening in my life…

1. Today I got a road case in the mail that I ordered for my Matchless Lightning, to keep it safe while moving around and stuff. It’s not a huge big deal, but it’s cool to me because it’s got my initials stenciled on the sides and makes me feel like a legit rock star. Speaking of which…

2. Last week, by some random miracle, the guys from Elliott Guitars – Andy Elliott and Jason Barr – were stopped off in Memphis on their way back to NC. They were at my favorite restaurant here, Hog & Hominy, so I decided to pop over and pay them a visit. Lo and behold, they’re at dinner with none other than John Mark McMillan and his wife Sarah. What?? It was crazy awesome. They had me stay for dessert, I drove them back to their hotel, and we hung in Jason’s room and talked and played some Elliotts for a while before everyone headed to bed. It was a night I won’t soon forget, and just the coolest random thing ever. What a night.

Andy, Jason, Sarah, John Mark and me at dinner.

3. I just got word today that my church, Highpoint Memphis, is recording a live version of one of our songs, “Risen King of Glory,” this Sunday during worship. How cool is that? We’re recording both audio and video, and planning to release it on iTunes soon. Now, as many of you know, my dream is to be a professional guitarist in the P&W world – well, I’m about to play on my first single that’s headed for iTunes. More details to come, but suffice to say I’m PUMPED for Sunday, and for the future. God is so good.

That’s all for now! As I said, check back soon for a longer update, iTunes link, and maybe (likely) a gear rundown from Sunday’s service. Thanks!